About Us

Johnson Auto Body, Inc. is a family owned and run shop. We offer a lifetime warranty on our repairs, but Mike reassures Customers upon leaving (especially hard hits) that we would not hesitate to put our family in that vehicle and send them off to California. The often used statement "My car will never be the same" is a myth here. The technology available today, when used to its potential, can recreate exact measurements (on every vehicle made) back to factory specs. Our Techs are true craftsmen, not parts replacement robots. We hold to the belief that your vehicle was created at the factory, if possible it should remain that way. Our office people will take care of the burden of an accident from you and assist you through the (sometimes complicated) process, starting with "Is everyone ok?", to rental setup, then all the way through to delivery with updates on our website.

Perfect color matching has always been, and always will be, a problem.

This is eliminated through many processes:
  1. From our color library (saved files from previously sprayed colors)
  2. PPG online preferred color alternates
  3. The actual tinting process and
  4. (whether agreed by the insurance company or not), blending adjacent panels.
Our agreement with you, the Customer, is to return your vehicle to you in pre-accident condition or better. You are our Customer, we work for you, but at the same time work with the Insurance Company to assure you a complete, safe, honest repair.